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Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

Connects directly to your kitchen for customer orders to go right from their devices, while seated in your restaurant with QR Code Menu & Contactless Ordering. Best of all, you don’t need to change your current POS System.

mobile with tikt screen

How contactless ordering for restaurants works?

Contactless ordering enables restaurant guests to safely view a digital menu, place orders, and complete a contactless payment from their own mobile phones. Whole order management and payment process completed with minimal physical interactions.

You are the owner of a restaurant? Does it take much time for your client to get a menu, to make a choice and order from it? Not all menu items go with a high-quality image and a detailed description? You feel you are losing orders and you can do better? Tikt is the application giving you the best decision! It’s all fast and easy with Tikt. The client scans the QR code located on the table and the digital menu loads on their phone.

Depending on the mode you define, the client can use the application as a service calling system and/or for direct ordering. The waiter receives the order, accepts and uploads it in the POS system while the client gets a notification of the accepted order. Waiting and errors remain past. The service is faster and more accurate, the restaurant is generating more revenue and the clients are satisfied.

guest scans qr code

Guest Scans QR Code Menu

The customer enters their mobile number to access the QR Code Menu and get started.

places order from mobile

Places Order

The customer selects from the digital menu and sends the order to the kitchen for prep.

chef prepares order

Chef Prepares Order

The order is accepted, food is prepped, and the server is notified that it’s ready.

runner serves order

Runner Serves the Order

The Food Runner picks up the order from the kitchen and delivers it to the table.

customer pays bill on table

Customer Pays the Bill

The customer chooses the payment method, can split the check, and settle the bill.

How contactless ordering makes a difference?

Let’s take a look at what the number crunchers say about using technology to grow and improve your restaurant business.

Lets take a look at what the number crunchers say about using technology to grow and improve your business.

Introducing Contactless Ordering for Restaurants

Provide a safer customer experience with contactless ordering and pay at the table so that server interaction can be meaningful, all while reducing order errors.

Integrate with your

Allow guests to order without touching a menu and limiting server interaction (thanks to QR code and digital menu).

No more waiting for waitstaff, browse the QR code menu on your phone and order.

Make it easier for guests to “order another round”.

Reduce comps and missed charges by eliminating incorrect orders by servers

Help mitigate challenges in staffing - servers can focus on providing better restaurant services.

Get analytics on individual guests, turn times enabling you to better serve guests and ultimately retain guests.