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Turn your customer’s smartphone into a powerful Point of Sale . Tikt’s Smart QR code allows Scan, View , order and pay all from the comfort of the customers table.

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Best of all, you don’t need to change your current POS System.

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Key Features

Tikt improves the gues experience, while improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing sales. Some key features include the following

Improve guest experience

Enhanced Guest Experience

Scan a QRC and order or reorder at your own pace. Eating with friends? Share your table and you can all order together and see each other's order. Easily search by ingredients or allergies. When you find a favorite, heart it and see it first next time.

Connect guests to kitchen

Personalize and Communicate

Easily make special requests from your server (more water or need a booster seat?). Send kitchen notes to customize your order or change courses (ice cream as an appetizer anyone) and message the servers if you need anything.

Easily place incremental orders or reorders

Route Orders to Multiple Printers

Easily route orders by  category to multiple  printers; Food orders can go to the kitchen and cocktail orders to the Bar. Server requests can go to the wait station and customer receipts to the host station or sent digitally. Or send all to one printer.

Protect against dine and dash

Digital Wallet for Fast Contactless Payment

Guests can save their cards in a secure digital wallet or use Apple Pay and Google Pay for easy payment when done. It's also easy to add tips and split checks (including tax and tip). Should the guest forget to pay, Managers can easily settle the check using the stored card on file.

Efficiently update menus, pricing and 86 items

Efficiently Update Menus, Pricing and 86 Items

Set  menus for lunch, dinner or happy hour and menus will appear as timed automatically. Modify items using our Console manager or Expediter app to 86 an item or change prices. Multiple locations with different menus, no problem just create and assign menus to locations as needed.

Fire multiple printers from customer devices

Improve Operational Efficiency

Turn your tables faster and increase the average spend (between 9% and 14%), guests are happier with the serrvice which typically results in increased tips for staff. Reduce comps due to order errors and critical in today,s environment empower your waitstaff to serve more customers.

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Our bartenders and servers and management staff LOVES LOVES LOVES the new system! So please pass that along in your staff meeting to all your colleagues who helped get us up and running!!!! And thank you to you for all of your help and support!

Reasons why you should

give it a try!

"Lack of service" is the most common complaint by diners - Tikt uses technology to improve service.

1.5% of each dollar is a comp because of ordering errors - Tikt uses technology to reduce order errors.

37% of all restaurants report labor shortages impacting the guest experience - Tikt uses technology to reduce your labor needs.

The inability to find a server when you need one results in loss orders - Tikt uses technology to increase impulse orders.

Menus are cumbersome and not interactive - Tikt uses technology to search menus and save their favorites for future visits.

Managers as waitstaff- Tikt uses technology to improve efficiency, so managers can focus on making sure their guests return.


No commitment. No credit card needed.