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4 ways Smart QR Codes elevate the Guest Experience

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Connor Baldwin

As Restaurants focus on enhancing the guest experiences and increasing frequency of return visits, they discover that Smart  QR Codes hold the secret and succeed where QR Codes failed in the past.

Labor shortage and rising labor costs put a tremendous strain on service. The number one complaint that diners have continues to be service. Service complaints are not to be underestimated , statistics show that less than 5% of unhappy customers actually complain and 9 out of 10 will leave and never return.

With rising prices, customers also turn more than ever to review services before making dining decisions, and with restaurant operators now looking carefully at guest experiences and return visits - it's no wonder that many of them are moving on from the standard QR codes to Smart QR Codes.

Giving Guests control of Ordering

Probably the biggest impact of Smart QR codes is the ability for the guest to scan one and immediately be connected to the restaurant's ordering system, they can see an up to date menu, search by ingredients or allergies and the restaurant can also show more detailed information about the menu choices.

With easy to manage tools, operators can keep their menus up to date , and guests no longer have to wait for servers to take their orders - when they are ready they simply place their orders and send it.  They can easily place drink and appetizer orders, and then later order entrees or impulse items - as they only pay once when done. Smart QR codes are flexible enough to allow guests to place their orders all at once and use the restaurant's preset coursing or change it to what suits them.

When done they simply look at their check on their phone, add a tip and pay. They control the entire process within the parameters the restaurant sets.

Guest Preference Data available to Servers

Smart QR codes allow servers to provide a heightened level of service, because they now have access to more information than ever before - when a guest scans and opens the table, the server who the table is assigned to will get a notification that shows the guests name as well as their preferences and past history (down to what table they sat at last time). This allows them to immediately interact with the guest and since they are no longer rushing to enter orders into the POS System, they can spend some time recommending items based on the guest preferences and even upsell an item or two, who doesn't want to add an extra appetizer after all.

Easy Menu navigation

With smart QR codes the menu is one of the first interactions your customer has and smart QR codes help optimize that experience. Guests can curate their own menu tabs by favoriting items and seeing them on one screen,  those curated screens remain in place when they come back the next time as well and are also visible to the servers on return visits.

Just like online ordering apps,  Tikt and smart QR codes can guide a guest through modifiers and add ones and even custom notes to the kitchen can be enabled. Timed menus (breakfast, lunch, happy hour) automatically appear and disappear at the scheduled times - no more pulling menus out of guest hands or telling them it is too late to order something. Of course exceptions can always be made and servers can add items directly to a guest check if asked to do so.

Easy communication with Servers

There is sometimes a concern that in seat ordering can create a negative experience if you need a server, with Tikt Smart QR Codes guests can easily send message to the server or wait station when they need anything - most restaurants will have preconfigured messages while giving the guest an option to send a custom one - no more looking for servers with your head on a swivel.

Servers are just a click of a button away from tasks such as: “more water” “extra utensils” as well as custom notes and these tasks are updated in real time to keep the guest updated.  Servers are also alerted if a guest scanned a QR code and haven't ordered yet so they can check on them to make sure they are not having a problem. 

Of course technology can only take things so far - servers will have an opportunity to elevate the guest experience if they choose to - and some guests will prefer to not use a QR code because they have not yet experienced the magic of a Smart QR code but servers can still  enter orders and send them in the old way in those instances - similar to how restaurants use online ordering and still take phone orders.


The smart QR code is an amazing tool for restaurants that want to be ahead of the competition. It’s easy to use and it's even easier to implement into a restaurant business, no matter how big or small. Smart QR Codes like Tikt ( help restaurants increase average ticket size and enhance the guest experience. You can also generate a Free ROI report here and see how Tikt can start helping you today.

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