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Using Technology to improve the Dining Experience

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Technology is changing the way we dine. With the pandemic, restaurants have had to transform the way they serve their guests while battling rising costs and labor shortages. After opening back up, many restaurants have experienced higher volumes of guests than ever before. BUT they also face challenges providing the best dining experience possible. So what can restaurants do to support their bottom line and elevate their guest experience?

Increase average tickets with by making impulse purchases easy

With rising costs and labor shortages intensified by the pandemic and economy, restaurants had been hit the hardest and continued to feel the hit long after. The pandemic closed restaurants for dine-in, slowing business for many and shutting some down. But not long after they were allowed to open for dine-in, they experienced influxes of guests that they did not have the capacity to support. They needed something both cost-effective and operationally efficient: A Smart QR Code. By implementing a contactless ordering system, restaurants are able to address both issues of rising costs and labor shortages. 

Create Memorable Experiences and keep guests coming back

A Smart QR Code also gives restaurants the ability to personalize the guest experience better than ever before. It puts the upsells, specials, and discounts right in front of the guest and adds to the experience while they take control over the services available to them. Guest satisfaction and lifetime value grows for restaurants that do contactless ordering with a Smart QR Code, and the restaurant has a better handle on it as well. 

Tikt: QR-Based In-seat Ordering

Tikt can improve the guest experience and profits by reducing errors in ordering and streamlining operational efficiency. 

With Tikt you can:
  • Elevate your guest experience
  • increase the average transaction by making ordering impulse items easier
  • Increase return visits by empowering servers to create moments that delight
  • Understand your guests’ preferences and allow them to curate personalized experiences
  • Increase operational efficiency by reducing errors

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