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7 Benefits Of QR Based Contactless Ordering System

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Kevin Colaco


  1. It’s Safer & More Hygienic – With health and safety at the forefront of consumers' thoughts, they're more likely to spend their money with companies they know will look out for their best interests.


  1. It’s Super Convenient – Ordering ahead of time, eliminating payment friction, and providing numerous pick-up/delivery alternatives help customers manage their hectic schedules – and they work effectively even after COVID.


  1. It’s Just Plain & Faster – No one like waiting in line (especially in these times), thus speed of service is a crucial factor for consumers when making purchasing selections.


  1. It Reduces Risk By Keeping Customers Safe – Customers (and coworkers) are not just concerned about their safety, but they are also eager to penalize those who have breached their confidence. Making safety a priority conveys that you care about the well-being of your customers and staff while also lowering your liability risk.


  1. It Creates Growing Demand – Everyone is enthralled by the bright, new thing. You may easily present yourself as forward-thinking, innovative, and cutting-edge by adopting contactless technology, which can be a significant competitive advantage.

  1. It Helps Maximize Transaction Numbers – with less friction on the consumer side, contactless ordering and payment can increase transaction capacity during peak ordering times.


  1. It Helps Control Operational Costs – In a similar vein to maximize transactions, using a contactless procedure allows you to sell more while using the same (or potentially less) manpower, lowering expenses and increasing profits.

Our smart QR code technology allows clients to order and pay immediately from a digital menu that is accessed with a simple QR code scan. And the best part is, you don’t even need to change your present point-of-sale system!

Some of the key features of our technology are;

  • Allow guests to "order another round" with ease.
  • Eliminate inaccurate orders from servers to reduce comps and missing charges.
  • Assist in resolving staffing issues so that servers may focus on offering superior restaurant service.
  • No need to wait for a waiter; simply scan the QR code menu on your phone and place your order.
  • Get analytics on individual guests and turn times, allowing you to better serve and retain customers.

Check the video to see our technology in action

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