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Restaurants can use a Smart QR code to help increase sales

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Restaurants can use a Smart QR code to help increase sales

QR codes for restaurants are here to stay. Here are some of the advantages and varieties of QR codes, as well as instructions on how to get started. Scannable QR codes, which stand for "rapid response," are used for a number of reasons, including manufacturing, payments, and marketing. And, because to their touchless features, the COVID-19 epidemic has helped to emphasize their value even more.

This has benefitted restaurants in particular by making a contact tracking form easily accessible. It also decreases human touch points during service by letting customers examine a digital menu, order by smartphone, and/or pay for their meal. In fact, since the outbreak, over half of both casual and fine dining establishments have introduced a QR code menu, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

Given their many advantages, QR codes are being used long-term by many business owners. Here are some examples of how we predict restaurants will employ QR codes long after the epidemic is over.

QR codes are more than just a flashy way to make your restaurant look cool. They can also provide guests with an interactive experience that can enhance their dining experience. Here are some ways QR codes can be used by restaurants:

Digital menus : QR codes can be used to easily access a digital form of the restaurant's menu. Restaurant QR code menus are not only easier to update than paper ones, but they can also significantly reduce the costs of producing printed menus.

Digital payments : Scan to pay technology can print a unique QR code on every unpaid receipt, which allows guests to pay the bill immediately when they get the check. No more waiting for the server to come back and pick up a credit card, swipe it at the POS, and bring it back to the guest.

Mobile Order & Pay : This is essentially a combination of digital menus and digital payments, where guests can get a complete order and pay experience right from their own phone. Restaurant QR code ordering allows them to order exactly what they want when they want it, and then simply close out their tab from their phone when they’re ready to leave.

Guest engagement : QR codes can provide access to a sign up page for digital loyalty programs or email marketing lists.

Benefits of QR Code Menus

QR code menus can help boost revenue, while QR code ordering may provide restaurant owners the largest potential advantages.

Digital menus are a great way to save money, increase revenue, and provide your customers with a better experience.

It’s not just about the money that can be saved by reducing printing and distribution costs though – there are other benefits as well:

  • You can easily make changes and updates, giving you more flexibility in your menu planning and execution.
  •  Your guests will have an enhanced browsing experience through features like search, item specific images, and detailed descriptions.    

Get Started with Restaurant QR Codes

Restaurants are likely to continue using QR codes. Consider your establishment's unique requirements and choose the solution that suits you the most, whether it's view-only menus, QR code payments, or a full ordering and payment system with QR codes!

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