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5 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Get On the Smart QR Code Bandwagon

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Restaurants are still struggling with the labor shortage

It is getting hard for restaurateurs to hire and retain quality people. Every day, someone leaves the industry, either due to not getting the right job or because of the unreasonable and inevitable steep fees (transportation, training and pay). Being a smart food entrepreneur is not just limited to designing new menus, building new restaurants, selling the new menus, finding the right locations, and hiring the best people. Although these are some of the most important strategies, restaurateurs still have to face the acute issue of retention and recruitment. The new developments in technologies are helping restaurants to attract and retain the best employees, thus helping the entrepreneurs to run their business efficiently and profitably.

Restaurants are seeing higher impulse ordering

Tikt has been designed to cater to those customers who are on the go and do not have time to place orders on menu boards at restaurants which attract a lower share of income. Managing customers' table bookings during peak hours is a big issue for this fast-food joint and they have seen a lot of missed orders due to unavailability of qualified staff.


What we Offer:

1. Convenience

Tikt is a next-generation smart QR Code technology, that allows restaurants to collect orders straight from the customer's assigned seat, execute the order and serve the order without any hassles of increased waiting time for a server to attend to the patrons. As all these are done, customers can re-order, ask for a table cleanup and much more!

2. Increased Revenue

Restaurants who use Tikt’s Smart QR Code, have experienced a 5 to 7% increase in revenue, due to increased impulse orders, group ordering, and since it allows the customers to keep their tabs open, they can continue ordering or close the check as and when they please.

3. Prevents Sales Loss

Tikt also protects retailers from "dine & dash" incidents because payment information is captured before the order is dispatched to the kitchen. Customers can check out with Google Pay and Apple Pay, and even save their card on file to make it easier for their next visit.

4. Keep Your Current POS      

The major benefit of Tikt’s technology is that restaurants do not need to replace their current POS systems since Tikt is a web-based programme that does not need to be downloaded from the app store - it is available immediately!

5. Quality Service      

Tikt helps restaurant employees get better tips and evaluations when guests have a positive experience. Aside from that, Tikt also addresses the labour shortage issue that has been hitting the restaurant industry hard, allowing owners to continue running their restaurant despite a lack of employees.

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