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Contactless Ordering for Restaurants. Goodbye POS, Hello Smartphone

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How annoying is it to wait 20 minutes in a food queue and then find out there's an error with your order? We all know how the old system works – standing in the queue, waiting for someone to take your order, looking at the menu and guessing which dish you want to spend 20 minutes of your precious time waiting for. A nightmare. QR codes have revolutionized the way that people order food! In a world where everyone is busy or on-the-go, QR codes provide a quick way to order.

Contactless Payments are here

Contactless payment is the catchphrase banded around every time there’s a new technological innovation in the payments industry. But what are they and what do they mean for restaurant merchants?

1. Order directly from your phones

Creating a digital menu that elevates and engages your customers, while allowing them to select what they want and pay directly; it's the future of dining. Imagine that your customers walk into your restaurant and they have the option to select from a digital menu on their mobile device. Without needing to download any apps, guests can use an interactive menu to place their orders and pay without any human interaction.

2. You don’t need to change your POS System

Because contactless dining solutions like Tikt, can connect directly with kitchen printers and are able to route orders to where they need to go for quick order preparation. You don’t need to spend more money on a whole new system just to offer contactless dining to your guests. There are plenty of articles that talk about how this system works, check them out here.

3. Improve your customer service

Many restaurants struggle with bad customer service. Customers are increasingly savvy about how much they’re spending and the service they receive. They know the difference between their favorite and their third choice, and they’ll go to their favorite every time if the service and food are consistently better. Servers often feel like all they do is run up and down a flight of stairs, taking order after order as quickly as possible. While this is true, there’s more to it if servers are able to focus on the quality of their service and turn tables faster since the order taking and payment process is streamlined.

The restaurant and payment industries are changing and going digital. With restaurants still struggling to find employees, contactless ordering solutions are paving the way to keep restaurants afloat. Are you looking for a reliable contactless ordering solution? We can help you with that. Email us at

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