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How QR Codes can reduce labor costs while improving service

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QR codes are here to stay and sooner or later, you will have to use this technology for your restaurant business. Apart from food businesses, there are wide applications of QR code systems in almost every other industry too.

Tikt is offering a smart and contactless ordering system for restaurants. If your business took the impact of the pandemic and you want to return to normal business activities, having a contactless ordering system is a must for your business. Tikt is smart, effective, efficient, contactless, and specifically designed to meet the restaurant's needs and requirements.

Take Control of Business Operations with QR Codes

QR codes are the new tool to reduce labor costs while increasing services. It allows the customer to scan a QR Code with their smartphones, instead of waiting for someone to take orders. It also helps employees work efficiently by focusing more on providing better service instead of attending to every table’s needs especially during peak hours.

This cheap and effective technology can reduce labor costs by up to 80%. With this technology, companies will be able to increase their productivity and improve user experience without investing much money.

Here's how QR Code can change your company for you:

1. Reduce labor cost - With higher efficiency rates, it will take less employees to make sure all of the customers at the restaurant are taken care of without sacrificing quality customer service. Customers won't need to flag down an employee, wait for them to finish their current orders, or even wait for them to come to your table to reorder or make a payment as there are contactless solutions available that allow customers to place orders and make payments directly from their own devices.

2. Increase efficiency - with less struggles on each order taken out, restaurants are able to increase table turns and workers can handle more orders per hour.

3. Reduce mistakes - with all the orders handled contactless, mistakes can be greatly reduced. Companies will be able to avoid any possible mistakes by only taking the orders via a QR Code solution that takes orders directly from the digital menu. Not only will it reduce order errors but it will greatly increase productivity as well.

4. Faster service - As the ordering is put into the customers’ hands, customers will receive faster service. A customer only needs the QR code and is not required to talk to an employee or wait

for one. With the latest technology, orders are able to be fulfilled at faster rates which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

QR codes are also popular on business cards, advertisements, and billboards as used by various companies and industries. Some QR code campaigns are using QR code stickers which can be stuck on furniture. Making it easy for customers to order at any time, the moment they take their seat.

Online payments are another type of payment system where a similar thing applies- some restaurants have implemented a system that lets consumers use QR codes to make online payments through smartphone apps.


Digital menus can also increase the average value of the orders because adding different items to your order is a lot easier with the digital menu. This is the age of different technology tools and Tikt can offer you the platform to equip your business with QR codes and contactless ordering solutions that actually convert and work for you.

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