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How to Prevent Customer Churn with Contactless Ordering?

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In a perfect business world, every new customer will be your permanent client for a lifetime. In the real world, the situation is quite different where clients abandon your restaurant for many reasons. 

When it comes to customer churn for restaurants, poor quality of the service is the major issue that leads to customer churn. Well, with the implementation of new technologies and resources, you can prevent customer churn to a significant level.

Why Do Customers Abandon Restaurants?

The food industry is quite sensitive to the quality and timing of the foodservice. If your customers have to wait for half-hour just to place the order, you shouldn't look for further reasons why customers churn. Quality is the most effective marketing tool you have to keep your customers coming back.

If you can maintain quality consistently, they will grow your customer base and loyalty. Even if you might not produce a perfect product, think of all the steps that you put in place beforehand for producing a high-quality product.

Improving Order Management for Better Customer Experience

When it comes to food service, things are no different. The food industry puts a lot of effort into making your food service operations stand out from its competition in the market. There are a lot of things that they put in place to make their product stand out from others

One important thing they pay attention to is how service is executed once the customer is ready to place the order.

Quick Ordering Improves Serving Time

When customers are ready to order the food, they hate to wait for the menu to reach their table. If your staff is occupied at the moment when customers are ready to order the food, they are not going to like it. A smart and contactless ordering system involves no human interaction while ordering the food.

How Does Contactless Ordering Improve Food Service?

Today, most foodservice outlets are taking advantage of the following characteristics in catering to customers.

Firstly, they are catering to time efficiency by enabling easy order placement through the use of contactless ordering or cash-free payment systems.

Secondly, it is improving customer service with quicker turnarounds on orders.

Lastly, these contactless ordering systems are providing simpler omnichannel marketing services with digital marketing tools integrated into the system to help restaurants better understand their customers and market their business more effectively.

How to Stop Customer Churn for Restaurant?

In the restaurant industry, customer churn is a big problem. Customers come in for a few visits and then, either due to quality issues or something else, they stop coming to your establishment. This can hurt your revenue and the overall health of your restaurant.

Tikt is an advanced contactless ordering system that is simple, effective, practical, and contactless. Your customers can order their favorite food without touching any type of physical menu. The other great thing about the Tikt contactless ordering system is the quick order placement.

Just to be clear, COVID-19 is still a threat and customers are definitely expecting a contactless ordering system from your restaurant. Not having Tikt for your restaurant is simply embracing the customer churn.

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