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How to survive and thrive with contactless ordering in the modern restaurant industry?

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Kevin Colaco

In the age of technology, the food industry has been the slow adopter of new tech and trends. During the pandemic, alone in the USA, 17% of the eateries and restaurants shut down their operations. The situation could be avoided by implementing the right and safe solutions like contactless ordering. Even in the post-pandemic situation, customers need a sense of security while dining out.

It is a known fact that hotels and restaurants need to be paper-free if they are looking for survival in uncertain economic markets. Losing customers and not providing a faster and safer experience will simply result in client churn, which you cannot afford.

Is contactless ordering really necessary?

Investing in new resources is never an easy option for SMBs and startups. But reducing contact and offering digital options is the key to staying and keeping everyone safe. The use of a contactless ordering system for restaurants not only makes customers feel safe but comfortable too.

82% of restaurant customers felt more secure with contactless payment options and 81% of the customers preferred contactless ordering over the conventional menu. So, the implementation of a contactless ordering system for the restaurant is not a luxury anymore. You must invest in contactless solutions that add value and a sense of security to your food services.

How can Contactless Ordering benefit your Restaurant?

The benefits of digitalization are crystal clear for restaurants but they have been afraid of complicated implementation processes. Tikt is a revolutionary contactless ordering system that has made it possible for restaurants to integrate contactless ordering without a complete overhaul of the existing infrastructure.  

Technologies like QR code scanning and digital ordering features make Tikt worth it for small and established restaurants. Tikt adds value to the business and helps to boost productivity and efficiency while offering a safe and contact-free environment for the staff and the customers. Here are some practical benefits of using Tikt as a contactless ordering system for restaurants:

1. Increase average table value

Digital illustration of expensive food items allows restaurants to make these items more appealing and tempting. Strategic placement of the specials on the top position helps to get more customers to click on the desired items.

Tikt reduces social interaction so customers can make more informed decisions based on providing detail and information about each item on the menu. These little practical and psychological factors help to increase the average table value.

2. Boost order turnaround time

In the conventional restaurant, customers spend 20% of their time in the hotel waiting for the waiter to provide the physical menu. Tikt takes away the waiting time and your customers can directly scan the QR code to get the digital menu.

Table or order turnaround time is one of the most important metrics in the restaurant industry. When customers want luxury, they focus on these little details.

3. Keep everyone safe and secure

The safety of your customers and the staff should be the top priority of every business right now. Physical menus in the restaurants are the biggest source of spreading infection as everyone is going to touch the menu.

Integration of Tikt, a contactless ordering system for restaurants, will help you to streamline the ordering system without any human touch.


Tikt is safer, faster, reliable, and more efficient as compared to any manual method. The integration with the current POS is easy and smooth. Invest in Tikt and this small investment can offer promising ROI and clientele for your restaurant business.

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