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How to Turn Your QR Code into Cash?

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Kevin Colaco

Pandemic has set out new trends in business strategies.  Contactless options like QR codes are a new normal for all business operations. Social distancing and other safety measures have transformed physically in-person dealings into digital touch-free ways.

There has been a 750% increase in QR code downloads over the last 18 months, according to Bitly, a link management service. Let's explore how to turn your QR code into cash.

What is a QR Code?

First, it's useful to apprehend what a QR code is and the way it works. QR code is additionally called a Quick-Response Code. It is a two-dimensional barcode, and it is scanned from smartphone cameras or QR reader apps. After scanning, the QR code redirects you to a website or a different destination.

QR Code Menu for Restaurants

It's time to say goodbye to the traditional printed menus. To avoid the spread of coronavirus, CDC has directed the use of disposable or digital menus. Since disposable menus are costly, restaurants prefer contactless QR code menus.

 You can easily access the menu, place orders, pay bills and make tips by simply scanning the restaurant's relative QR code. Uploading a menu in PDF format and converting it to a QR Code takes less than a minute, but it goes a long way toward keeping consumers engaged and safe. There are many ways that you can improve your QR Code menus as well, now that there’s technology, like Tikt,  that allows you to order and pay from the digital menu being pulled up.

Why should you create a QR Code Menu you can order from for Your Restaurant?

Creating an actual QR code menu that you can pay and order from for your restaurant is beneficial in several ways:

Covers Labor Shortage:

Restaurants are facing staff shortages due to inconveniences occurring from the pandemic. So in this crucial situation, the QR code menu allows restaurants with fewer employees to operate more efficiently. 


You can easily generate and upload your business QR codes, usually free of cost. Moreover, in restaurants, a QR code on each table is a cost-efficient way to provide access to a digital menu. 

There is no need to spend money on high-priced disposable menus or hire extra employees.

Boost Business:

A QR code menu reduces added expenses, improves the brand image, and extends the customer list. By regularly updating the menu with colorful mouth watering images, customers are attracted.  

Restaurants couldn't afford to customize and design digital images regularly, but a QR code menu has made it convenient.

Where to efficiently place your QR Code?


A QR code on your receipt can attract repeating orders from existing customers. Images of logo or QR code can be attached with receipts of menu drive restaurants.

The Front Door of Your Restaurant:

This can grab people's attention that passes by your restaurant. They might have a look at your menu and decide to order something.

Promotional and Marketing Emails:

Do not forget to include your QR code whenever you send out promotional emails. Keep your customers reminded that you're putting their health and safety first.

Final Words

Although QR codes are not a new marketing tool, many restaurant owners have yet to make use of their potential.QR code is often used on anything from fliers to social media postings in order to enhance restaurant sales and awareness. This is high time to acknowledge how to turn your QR code into cash, as experts claim that this technology will stick even if the pandemic ends.

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