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QR Based Contactless Ordering Revolutionizes Dining

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Customers in restaurants can now place orders for themselves and get exactly what they want without having to wait for the server to come

If you are a restaurant owner, you know that your guest satisfaction is very important to your business. Guest satisfaction is directly related to how fast and efficiently your food is prepared. If a customer has to wait more than a few seconds while their order is being prepared, they are not going to be very pleased with the service. This is why mobile ordering is becoming more and more popular among consumers.

You may be used to waiting on your server to return from assisting someone else but now, instead of waiting for your server to notice you, you are eating while your server is busy doing something much more important — such as checking your requests, providing great customer service and making a second batch of your food. 

This is great because it will free up some employee time that they could spend getting great reviews on Yelp or Facebook. Customers’ wait will be less frustrating if the food takes longer than expected, and they won't have to worry about not having enough sauce on their food when they get home from work. Better server service means happier customers and a happier staff, which leads to all sorts of extra benefits for restaurants – like more sales and more profit!

The guest experience in a restaurant has always been a critical component that can drive repeat visits and loyalty but in an ever changing food industry guests want to have options other than fast food and long wait times at restaurants. Tikt’s QR based Contactless Ordering gives customers the flexibility to order from your menu while also prompting them with their choices from a menu generated based on their previous orders. This system also allows us to customize our menu based on their preference and is a huge factor in increasing sales.

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Eating at a restaurant is a great experience and yet some people would rather not wait until their food arrives. They do want to pay for their food as soon as possible, but they don’t want to deal with any kind of frustration. Think about it like this: If you went to a restaurant and tried ordering without waiting for your food to come out, you would probably end up getting upset and leave your meal feeling unfulfilled. On the other hand, if you ordered at a restaurant and waited for your food to come out without any problems (and actually liked the service), you’d probably be more likely to come back.

A single tap from a customer’s phone allows execution of a kitchen order. This eliminates the need for cashiers to handle multiple customers simultaneously. Not only does it streamline customer service but it reduces costs for both the restaurant and the server. Restaurants are able to allocate skilled labor more efficiently which results in higher profits for all parties involved.

A streamlined customer experience makes your restaurant more welcoming for guests and loyal to customers. Your servers don’t have to worry about being in the weeds and everything can run smoothly.

There’s less chance of miscommunication between customer/server and you can stay focused on preparing an amazing culinary experience rather than managing the customer. Wait time is no longer an issue as customers are served immediately; servers handle only one customer at a time and complete the entire transaction in five minutes. The need for servers to rush through orders has been eliminated because they can now focus on providing better customer service. Servers focus on guests for longer periods of time, touching more tables and increasing sales for the restaurant.

Tikt is a software solution that automates servers and chefs’ table turns. Our solutions make you look good to your guests because they provide consistent, high-quality service that meets guest expectations. Your servers and chefs are able to concentrate on the culinary experience, and your table turns are faster. Guests feel more valued because of the consistency in experience from reservation to arrival, and their dining experience is more enjoyable.

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