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Restaurants are switching to Smart QR codes

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QR codes are a revolutionary new way of taking payments that is gaining popularity all over the world. They are used all over the place, for example, in the movie theaters, in shop windows and even on train platforms. But how does this save time and money for customers? And how will it help the restaurant industry? In this article I will explore these issues and more.

The future of fast food may be in the hands of QR code. The technology behind these codes could revolutionize how customers think about and interact with restaurants. Within the next few years, consumers will be able to scan barcodes or QR codes on certain types of food products — including alcoholic drinks, snack foods, and even certain types of clothing — and instantly receive a menu with prices and additional information. So why is everybody switching to QR Code Menus and Ordering you ask?

They are Cost Effective

Generating a QR Code nowadays is cheap and easy. All you need to do is download one of the numerous free software options and create a unique barcode. The beauty of this method is that any phone with a camera will be able to scan it. The codes are also downloadable straight from your web host, so you don't have to worry about having them printed on demand. This saves you both time and money on printing cost, making it more attractive to different restaurants and food joints all over.

Safe and Contactless

Proximity and code menu integration is no longer just for finding out your location on a map, but also for ordering takeout. QR code menus provide a secure and easy way for customers to order food using their mobiles or tablets as they would with any other restaurant menu. Mobile phones are becoming a more important technological tool for customers as more and more of them come with internet access capabilities, which makes it easier for customers to find out what's being offered in their vicinity even if they don't have access to a computer or a restaurant cashier. Most restaurants offer a digital menu but with TIKT you can order, pay and make requests!

Convenient and Faster Table Turns

Allow me to provide you a menu for your convenience. Simply scan a QR Code to see everything a restaurant has to offer. Instead of viewing the menu when you are in front of the cashier and keeping your lines longer as time goes by, people can now decide what they want beforehand. There is no need for friction or waiting time between you and your customer, the restaurant owners can fulfill your customer’s needs in real time in a simple and clear manner. Allowing for faster table turns and lines moving!

customers looking into the mobile for ordering food using app

Easy to Implement

QR Code-Based Contactless Ordering like TIKT is simple to implement, and even easier for customers and employees alike to use. Simply Scan a QR Code to pull up a digital menu that can be curated, searched, and filtered by ingredients and diet. Customers can even add notes, or specify how they want their order to be made. Restaurants can utilize the coursing feature by allowing customers to decide what they want for appetizers, main dish, or dessert. Customers can put a card on file, make secure payments, and even tip directly from their own devices. Scanning to pull up a digital menu may be what most restaurants are implementing at the moment but the times are quickly moving into improving and upgrading the whole QR Code Ordering experience and TIKT is a great way to start.

Increases Profits

Most importantly, having QR Code menus increase a restaurant’s profits because it makes impulse ordering much easier! As more places open up, customers are starting to dine out again. Making the ordering process a swift and pleasant experience increases the chances of returning customers and builds stronger relationships with them. Who wouldn’t want to go back to a restaurant that not only has good food but also caters to their customers’ needs?

These QR code menus are useful as menu systems in vending machines, self-service checkouts, restaurant checkouts and even in some parking cars. It is a simple and low cost method of identification. They are also convenient because they are contactless and allow the customer to pay with their existing credit card (revenue from this method would be used to boost the profits of the business and not duplicate expenses), eliminating the need to have a separate entrance for credit card transactions.

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