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See how QR Codes are helping with the Labor Shortage

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Labor shortage is something that has been the major issue for almost every industry since the Covid-19 pandemic. The use of technology seems to fill the gap but you need to be careful because only intelligent solutions and tools can help you to get your desired results. 

Labor Shortage is a Real Issue for Businesses 

Restaurants need excessive workforce to carry about different operations. As a restaurant manager or owner, you might be looking forward to some possible solutions that can help you to deal with labor shortage. At the same time, technology can also improve the efficiency of your operations. Tikt has an amazing and smart solution for all of these issues related to labor shortage. 

The smart contactless ordering system is the best alternative to the traditional ordering system where several waiters are hired only to take orders. There are usually 4-5 waiters required to take orders and then deliver the order to the chef, Tikt’s contactless ordering system can easily replace all of these waiters without compromising service quality and accuracy. 

In other ways, smart QR code technology is the perfect alternative to manual processing. QR codes are precise, accurate and affordable too. Here is how QR codes can help the businesses to deal with labor shortage. 

5 Ways QR Codes are helping with the Labor Shortage

QR codes are already an efficient way to provide valuable information in the digital world. Now they're also being used to help fill the gap of labor shortage in multiple different industries. Let's consider the restaurant businesses here because nowadays almost every restaurant out there has started using QR codes in one way or another. Below are 5 ways QR code technology can help restaurants boost labor productivity:

1- Serve Guests Faster

By using the QR code technology, restaurants have been able to easily facilitate table-service. Now guests can place orders from their smartphones through the QR codes available on the table.

2- Eliminate Cash Transactions

Since almost all of today's restaurants use credit cards and other forms of electronic payment, cash transactions have become a thing of the past. This has also helped in cutting down on labor costs since there's no need for waiters to take orders and payments in cash.

3 - More Opportunities for People to Use their Smartphones During Meals

Since so many people have their own smartphones, QR codes allow people to be more connected despite being contactless (especially during meal times). In fact, not only does this make the dining experience more tolerable but it also encourages the guests to order more food and beverages because they can easily access the menu and even order directly from their smartphones with a contactless ordering solution like Tikt.

4- Reduce Labor Costs

In addition to the three ways mentioned above, QR codes can help reduce labor costs by giving restaurant owners better control of their labor force. This is made possible through the use of technology like self-serve Kiosks which allow people to serve themselves.

5- Reinforce Customer Loyalty

Aside from boosting labor productivity, using QR codes is also a great way for restaurants to build customer loyalty. With this technology, customers can quickly view their past orders and favorite meals.

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