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I scheduled a few days off recently to take a quick trip, and while on vacation a friend and I went to a bar right on the beach to have drinks. While we were standing at the bar waiting for the bartender to take our order, I noticed something that took me back to the pre-covid days.

All the seats at the bar were taken, and there was a crowd of people trying to get the bartender’s attention to order drinks – there were a lot of gesturing and pleading looks to try to get the bartender’s attention – a couple of guests were even flashing their Centurion cards and others with $100 bills to see if that improve their odds of getting a drink.

Lines lead to loss of customers

We had a seat at the bar and after about 20 minutes the bartender finally made his way to us and we placed our order. From that point, it was just another 10 minutes more to finally get our drinks. It made me wonder, how many bar and club owners and operators were aware that anywhere from 15-30% of customers will leave a bar if there are long lines, and in many cases that can be the difference between a hugely profitable month and one that they scrape by.

image of a busy bar

QR Code Ordering System for Guests

Tikt is a  QR Code based contactless ordering system with an easy to manage digital menu that is ideal for fast paced bars and clubs in handling drink and food orders. The establishment can post QR Codes that guests scan and order drinks using a digital menu  and those orders are printed in the bar or kitchen; guests securely enter their card information to open a tab and when their order is ready they receive an alert and can go pick it up.  No having to see who will draw the short straw and have to go to the bar and spend 20-30 minutes placing an order or having your head on a swivel trying to find a server.

image showing lady customer scanning qr code on the table using her mobile phone

Easily place reorders, and when you are done the contactless payment capability allows you to close your tab right from your phone; it even supports Google pay and Android Pay – Don’t forget to tip your bartender. If you forget to close the tab, the establishment can log onto InServ and close all open tabs and a text receipt is automatically sent to the guest. Nice and Easy!

Add Tikt ( our QR based Contactless Ordering Solution) without changing your POS System. Establishments can decide if they want guests to open tabs or pay after every round – for states that have contact tracing, you can enable it and have the guests enter their contact information.


No more waiting in line and desperately gesturing to get the bartender's attention. Tikt allows businesses to focus on building a great experience for guests, and bartenders to focus on making great cocktails and guests to focus on having a great time. And about those 15-30% who used to leave - they now just have to worry about finding a table.

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