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Streamline Food Delivery with Contactless Ordering Experience

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A contactless ordering system is a technology that allows you to order food from a restaurant using your mobile phone or smartwatch. This means that instead of having to input what you want, it just happens automatically as soon as the app recognizes your phone/watch.

Contactless ordering systems have come up with an innovative way to cut down on the wait time. Previously, when customers would be standing in line waiting for their turn to order food, they would often need to keep going over what they wanted in their head and repeating it out loud when they finally reached the front of the line.

How Restaurant can Streamline order Serving?

If you are a restaurant owner or even a chef, then you no doubt know the challenges that come with ensuring that everyone in your establishment has had their order taken and served in an accurate and efficient manner.

Good news! There are many options available to the restaurant owner seeking to streamline order serving. One option is to invest in contactless ordering software designed for restaurant management. This type of program will automate many tasks that would otherwise bed one manually by staff members, such as calculating total sales and tracking inventory levels.

This is just one example of the many solutions available out there for businesses struggling with slow turnover times or inaccurate data collection. Here is how a premium contactless order system works in restaurant settings:

  • Customers scan the QR code on their mobile to access the menu card
  • They place the order without waiting for the waiter
  • Order placement takes place within seconds
  • Chef directly received all the orders and instructions
  • Orders are automatically placed in the queue for accurate serving
  • Runner serves the food without further delay

All you need is a reliable contactless ordering system that is specifically developed to serve the needs of the restaurant industry. Tikt is the perfect solution for these scenarios. Here is how you can make it happen with Tikt.

Deploy Tikt for Contactless Ordering

The implementation of a contactless ordering system or QR code has never been so easy. By using Tikt, restaurant owners can ensure swift and accurate serving of food without wasting time with manual steps. Restaurants will get better control over order taking process as all guests can place their orders with the help of a digital menu instead of waiting for the waiter.

Contactless Ordering is not a Choice Anymore

Most of the restaurant businesses had to shut down their business operations due to a lack of digital business support. Today’s customers are more informed and they prefer a better and safe experience over everything else. Customers are scared and you need to offer safer options.  

In the times of COVID-19 when customers are afraid of viruses, such little steps can give peace of mind to your customers. According to research, the hotel menu card is one of the dirtiest things in the world. With every person touching the card, you are posing serious health threats by using these physical menu cards.


You can integrate Tikt in your existing digital infrastructure and start benefiting from the power of automation. Manage and streamline the orders in the fastest way possible with Tikt. Explore new growth opportunities with Tikt.

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