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Tikt helps Bars and Clubs with Smart QR codes

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Poor serving is one of the most common reasons for the failure of bars and clubs. Thus it is very important for bar owners to understand this problem and work on it immediately. But, what can you do? We have added new features to Tikt to help Bars and Clubs in Serving and Ordering with the help of contactless QR Code Ordering.

What is Tikt for Bars and Clubs?

Tikt (Qr Based Table Ordering System) is a new technology that makes ordering drinks at bars simple. Tikt allows customers to scan a special code, or QR Code, at the bar and table tops with your Phone and instantly create an order on the system. 

Once the customers have completed the above steps, the bartender will start preparing their drinks, customers can enjoy and take photos in the meantime.

When your drink is ready you will get an alert and then you can go pick it up. It is as simple as that. No more waiting in line and desperately gesturing to get the bartender's attention.

Here are some benefits of using Tikt in bars and clubs.

Instant Ordering & Quicker Serving

With Tikt, Customers can place an order within a few seconds which would have taken more than 20 minutes normally because of the crowd. Just a few clicks and it’s done. 

Customers are always tired of desperately waiting to get their next round and grab the attention of the bartender. With Tikt, this is no longer the case.

On average it takes around 20-30 minutes to finally get drinks to the customer’s table in which 10-15 minutes is the time customers spend in just ordering in an average bar. 

You could eliminate this 10-15 minutes of ordering with the help of Tikt and deliver the customer’s drink within 10 minutes. 

Secondly, Bartenders can literally take orders from more than 100 people within a minute which would have taken more than an hour normally. 

No More Loss Of Customers

More than 80% of the people will leave a bar after seeing long lines until and unless they are a big fan of that bar which results in a big loss of customers for bars that do not have many loyal customers.

But, with Tikt, you are completely eliminating these long lines which means you are not losing any customers due to these lines. 

Most customers leave the bars during the ordering time and your bar is going to eliminate this ordering time which means customers will rarely leave your bars before getting their drink.

Secondly, Also no more customers would leave can save your customer’s a lot of time and no more customers would leave now because. 

Better & Improved Service

As mentioned earlier as well, Service is one of the most common reasons why most bars and clubs fail. But with Tikt, you can make your bar’s service far more efficient than the most popular bars in your area. 

Customers will not have to wait in lines, the drink that they would receive in 20 minutes normally, the customers will receive it in 10 minutes only using Tikt which is pretty awesome. 

Secondly, the serving will be managed in a better way because you can have all the data you need on your screen right away. The person who ordered first will get the drink first, so no longer the person who grabs the bartender first will get the drink fast. 

Stand Out From Competition

Most of the bars are doing something now in 2021 then how could a person differentiate your bar and the bob’s bar if the drink quality is almost the same? 

Almost all the bars are taking orders from long lines which eats up the time of customers, gives very poor customer experience, and makes many customers leave. But, by using Tikt, you can stand out from your competition bars, there will be no lines, and better service.

Now customers will think like, ‘your’ bar has better service than the bob’s bar, it is pretty quick!

So, you should be using Tikt for your bars before anyone else does to get the most benefits. 

Bartenders Focusing More on Making Drinks

Normally bartenders would spend 50% of their time taking orders from people but now they can spend 100% of their time on what’s more important - making drinks and creating experiences. 

And if they focus more on making drinks, then they will be able to bring out better quality drinks and if the drink of your bar is high quality, then there are very low chances of losing customers, secondly more and more customers will come back to your bar again and again because of the quality drinks your bar is providing.

Make New Loyal Customers

Making loyal customers is the hardest part for bars but with Tikt this can be the easiest part. 

Tikt saves the customer’s time with instant ordering, customer’s like to use new innovations, and customers will love the drinks as bartender’s will be focusing more on making cocktails which will help him make better quality cocktails. 

And all this will ultimately make a customer happy and when a customer is happy with your bar, then there is a very high chance of him becoming your loyal customer. 

Bottom Line

With Tikt (QR Based Contactless Ordering) you can dramatically improve your bar’s profit by making customers happy with quicker serving and by making more loyal customers. Every bar and club should be using Tikt. You can even add Tikt without changing your POS System so technically there’s no loss in adding Tikt.

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