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Tikt: How QR codes benefits restaurants

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QR technology is quickly making a name for itself in a variety of industries. There's a lot of hype around contactless payments and mobile payments generally. But where is the real innovation? More importantly, where are the features that could help reduce friction for both consumers and businesses?

For the past few months, we’ve seen a trend toward faster and more efficient payment processing. This trend goes beyond the adoption of contactless payments at the point of sale (POS) systems and checkout lines. We are also seeing a move toward using mobile apps and digital platforms to make purchases. One exciting application that has the potential to disrupt the way we order and pay at restaurants is Tikt - a solution that lets you do everything from viewing and order from the menus to tipping your servers after a satisfying meal, so that customers can enjoy their time at the restaurant and restaurant employees can focus on providing excellent customer service.

Skip the line and order from your own device - No more waiting!

Tikt was built looking to allow people to skip the line by ordering food through their own phones.

It is a mobile order and pay application that allows you to place an order through your own device. You simply scan the necessary QR codes at any restaurant using your own phone’s camera and a menu gets pulled up, but what sets it apart from all the other “Scan QR to view menu” options out in the market right now is that Tikt actually allows you to order from the digital menu. Imagine scanning a QR Code to pull up a menu and still having to wait for a server!

With Tikt, there’s no more waiting in line or for someone to notice that you are dying to order. Just tap the item from the menu that you wanted, place an order and that’s it! Tikt is here to make the ordering experience fast, simple and efficient, keeping customers happy and orders going.

Keep track of all customer requests in one place

When your order is ready - there are no surprises as what you ordered from your own device will be exactly what is brought out to you by the server. If you have any requests, you can even send your servers a message. Need an extra napkin? A booster seat? Flagging down a server is never a problem with Tikt because you can request for anything with a simple tap on your phone.

Easy Payments and Tipping

Paying with Tikt after a good meal is easy because you can pre-save your card and tip directly from your phone screen. So why swipe a card when you can pay with Tikt? Simple.You can save your favorite cards easily and securely. More importantly, tipping with Tikt is just as simple with pre-calculated and manual addition options to choose from.

Seamless restaurant management with inServ

We know how great Tikt is from a customer’s perspective so we also developed a way to make restaurant operations a lot smoother for restaurant employees. The inServ App was created to work hand in hand with Tikt, so that restaurants can assign tables, close tables, see when a table has been ordered or paid, etc. on Tikt for a fuss free transition to a contactless system.

restaurant employee looking on the orders received from customers

The inServ mobile app makes it easy to manage multiple orders on a smartphone. The best part is that you can track multiple orders through your mobile device, you can manage as many tables and orders as you want from your phone or tablet making it super easy for you to see the status of every single order. Allocate table space, and send or receive instant notifications when an order is ready. With more powerful features combining robust automation and uniterted reporting, inServ is improving workflow while increasing productivity. Built for teams of any size, inServ enables your employees to complete different tasks and track their progress simultaneously. 

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency and by helping task management issues in real-time with inServ. This innovative inventory management software automatically identifies the most urgent orders for your business while delivering them in the latest state. Available as a free download, inServ allows you to manage up to ten different orders simultaneously from a single iOS or Android device.

Tikt is a revolutionary new way of ordering and paying for restaurant meals. It's convenient, safe, and totally efficient. The easy way to order and pay for a meal has been a popular demand among customers for some time now, but there hasn't been an easy way to do so at a restaurant―until now. Tikt lets you view and purchase from the menu with a touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet with a simple tap so what are you waiting for? Get your Tikt now!

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