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Tikt: QR Codes for restaurants

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Instead of waiting for your server to come back and take an order, customers can simply go to their phones and place their order using a digital menu. It’s quick, efficient and way safer than doing it on paper with a pen and just in time for busy periods or if your server is having a hard time keeping up.

male customer looking at the digital menu of the restaurant for ordering food using his mobile phone

Food runners can then deliver the food directly from the kitchen to the table , guests can place incremental orders as needed and when they are done they can check out from their own devices. Your servers can focus on using the InServ App to create great experiences for your guests.

Other features include the ability for guests to save their favorites and have them load first on return visits, the ability to search a menu by icons (GlutenFree, Vegan etc) or to enter a word and see all items and descriptions with that word in it (ex. Eggplant).

restaurant digital menu loaded on mobile

Most diners will benefit from bringing technology into their restaurants, according to a survey conducted by Horizon Media Research. Nearly every (99%) respondent said they expect to use some type of technology in their restaurant within the next twelve months. Just under half said they expect to use digital menus and mobile devices to help them serve patrons more efficiently. More than one-third (37%) expect some type of credit-card-based technology. Nearly one-quarter (23%) expect to offer diners mobile ordering options that work with smart devices.

In a recent survey published by the National Retail Federation (pre pandemic), lack of service was the most common complaint by diners, and over a third (37%) of all restaurants were reporting staffing shortages, post pandemic this number is expected to rise drastically, and perhaps not surprisingly almost 3 out of 4 diners (73%) would embrace technology to improve their dining experience. To see what impact a QR code based table ordering system like Tikt could have on your business you can use this ROI Calculator.

As a restaurant owner, not only will you be able to reduce errors, address their labor shortages, you will be able to provide guests with an improved experience and in most cases a sales lift of 10-15% in impulse purchases.

Run your business more effectively with our restaurant ordering system. We provide everything you need in one simple package at a price you can afford.

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