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Top 3 Ways to Make QR Codes do more

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QR code technology was left behind for some time but suddenly things started changing and every business started looking for contactless solutions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Improved smartphone technologies and IoT devices made QR codes more effective for industries like food, restaurant, and retail businesses.

QR Code Technology as Business Tool

If done right, QR codes can be an amazing marketing and growth tool for your business. With Tikt, we are determined to make QR code technology more accessible and effective for SMBs in the food and restaurant industries. For the last few years, we have helped countless restaurants to streamline their ordering systems with contactless solutions. 

Apart from implementing Tikt, there is a lot to discover about using contactless technologies for your business. Let’s see how you can improve business efficiency with contactless or QR code technology.

1. Think Beyond Website Traffic

The most common use of QR Codes is to redirect traffic to your business website. Although it is a great idea, there is a lot more to discover with QR Codes. You can use the QR Codes to redirect users to a sales page, promotion, or anything on the internet. There is no limit to modifying this tool as per your business requirements.

The core purpose of QR Code technology is to reduce the complications of any process that involves delivering information to the user and reducing the use of physical stuff in your business. Instead of writing the entire URL to your offer, simply add the QR code that users can scan to directly access your online page.

2. Offline Exposure

Print media is expensive and can cost a fortune for a tiny space on paper. QR code offers ease of advertisement for both online and offline channels. Instead of writing long essays to promote your business, keep the ad simple and clean by adding a QR code. Interested audiences and potential users can easily find you online with the given code.

After your advertisement goes online there is no limit to the number of times you can put your QR code online and get people to contact you offline. To advertise your company by using QR codes and make your customers aware of it just set up an ad running for a week and promote it anywhere in the city or even country that your potential customers live in.

3. Get Noticed

Innovation in business is the key to growth in these competitive markets. If you can make your product or service stand out, there are better chances of your business succeeding. In the case of restaurants and food businesses, printed menus have been used for decades. Having a QR code-based menu or contactless ordering system will definitely help you to garner attention.

Be Smart with QR Code Technology

Even if you think your business is not ready for QR code technology, the right platform can make it happen. For the restaurants, Tikt has been the major service provider for tailored contactless ordering solutions.

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