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Ways to Elevate the Guest Experience with Tikt: How restaurants and bars can elevate their guest experience with tikt.

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It's all about the guest, right? We want them to have a great experience – memorable, fun and tasty food that comes out quickly and is exactly what they want. With mobile touch-screens on our tables we can achieve this. And that's what Tikt is all about, giving guests control of the ordering process by allowing them to scan a QR Code and start ordering, it's not just that guests can order and reorder several times without having to pay each time, it's not just that you can change courses or see group orders - it's a way to really elevate the guest experience and here are 5 ways to do it...


Never wonder what you ordered last time, easily Heart an item and it shows up in your Favorites tab the next time you visit

Search for allergies or ingredients

Using the Search icon you can enter in an ingredient or one of the allergy tabs and search for items - it takes the guesswork out of the order


Or even better press the profile button and enter your preferences. Any preferences you enter are visible to the server who can use that to enhance your experience.

Inserve Preferences

Servers can use inserv and pull up a table and view guest preferences, as well as key data like number of visits, total and average spend as well as the guests last visit. Gives you more insight into the guest and helps improve their experience.

Server Messages

Tikt allows guests to contact servers when they are needed using the server message button, they also can see if the server has seen the message - so no need to start looking around and wonder.

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