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What is Tikt and How does it work

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Due to the pandemic and Coronavirus, operating surroundings, restaurants are introducing digital ordering systems to keep their guests and staff not only safe but also healthy. Nowadays, the primary focus of restaurants is to direct people towards their place to enjoy deliciously cooked items. 

Introducing a contactless ordering solution can be easy and simple at first, but can be very challenging. It is a digital version of a menu that can easily be accessed and viewed by customers. The need for physical menus can simply be eliminated which usually costs extra charges and the restaurant industry is moving away from it.

What is Tikt and How does it work?

Tikt is a QR (Quick Response) based contactless ordering solution that is user-friendly, as well as an interactive ordering system. 

Customers can easily access the digital menu by scanning their QR codes and entering their mobile numbers. When a code is scanned, it takes them to the webpage so no app is needed to download in order to access the restaurant’s ordering system. To place an order, select your favorite food from the menu. The kitchen accepts the order and when the food is ready, the server is notified. After you enjoy your meal, you can easily pay your bill using Tikt. 

Advantages of using Tikt:

  • An online ordering system allows customers to choose the service of their own choice. 

  • The contactless transaction enables the customers to pay without any physical interaction and risks to their health. 

  • Tikt has eliminated the sharing of menus between the customers. 

  • Updating a printed version of daily restaurant deals costs extra charges. But if you have introduced Tikt, you can get rid of additional charges. 

  • A better, as well as enjoyable customer experience, is guaranteed as it reduces the chances of manual errors. 

Different strategies that can make services better: 

The best food and services up to the customers’ satisfaction are necessary. Owners, managers, as well as staff should make sure that the customers are treated up to their expectations and restaurants are taking measures to improve their services and quality of food. 

The introduction of QR codes and different strategies, discussed below, is a solution to many hospitality-based businesses. These strategies are being used by many restaurants as it is very helpful for them to resolve their labor issues. 

  • Training the employees for the best customer service is a must. If you are unable to provide the best services, then there are chances that you lose your reputation. Staff members need to be professional and patient while dealing with a customer. If you think that there is a delay in taking the order or bill, staff should inform the customers about wait time.

  • Many restaurants encourage communication between members. Regular staff meetings should be held so that they get a chance to interact with one another.

  • Dealing with complaints and suggestions from your customers and keeping them at priority, can help improve your services. Customers can submit their ratings on Tikt after payment so there isn't any need for the staff to ask every customer about their experience individually as it can be collected at the end of your dining experience.

  • Bills can also be paid directly on Tikt, so waiters do not need to collect them in person. Return customers can also choose to keep a card on file making every trip to the restaurant simpler each time.

  • Many restaurants are increasing the use of technology like contactless ordering apps. The orders that are taken online are more accurate and are free from manual errors. It will enable your staff to serve more guests which contributes to the best experience of customers.

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